Groups are limited to 4 guests per booking. 

Steps to booking your tour:

​1.  Please read the FAQ Page.

2.  Book your tour by clicking the Book Now Button.

3. Click on the Route Tab and choose where you would like to go according to the Timetable.

4.  Contact the venue and book in your time slot for a tasting or lunch according to the route. We strongly urge you to book your venues to avoid disappointment on the day.

Prefer an organised tour?
Is your group larger than 4 guests?

If your prefer to have a tour that we organise for you or have a group larger than 4, we have a variety of tours to choose from. We specialise in full day, half day and private tours. Click HERE to find out more.

Family or friends having pizza party din

Sample Itinerary No.1

Pizza, Beer & Wine Lovers

9:45am:   Pickup at The Mudgee Brewery

10:10am: Drop to Huntington Estate

11:10am: Pick up Huntington Estate

11:20am: Drop to Di Lusso for lunch &                             Tasting (pizza available)

1:20pm:  Pick up from Di Lusso

1:30pm:  Drop to Pieter van Gent/Petersons

2:30pm:  Pick up from Pieter van Gent

2:45pm:  Drop to 3 Tails Brewery

3:45pm:  Pick up from 3 Tails Brewery and                      drop to accommodation with                            purchases


Sample Itinerary No.2

Cheese & Fortified Wine Lovers

10:45am:  Pickup at The Mudgee Brewery

10:50am:  Drop to High Valley Cheese and                       the Small Wine Makers

12:50pm: Pick up at High Valley Cheese

1:10pm:   Drop to The Garden Bar for lunch

2:10pm:  Pick up from the Garden Bar

2:30 pm: Drop to Pieter van Gent

3:30pm:  Pick up from Pieter van Gent                            and drop to accommodation with                    purchases

3 tails_edited.jpg

Sample Itinerary No.3

Wine, Spirits & Beer Lovers

9:45am:  Pickup at The Mudgee Brewery

9:58am:  Drop to Elephant Mountain

10:58am: Pick up at Elephant Mountain

11:10am: Drop to Huntington Estate for                         lunch &  tasting

1:10pm:  Pick up at Huntington Estate

1:38pm:  Drop to Baker Williams Distillery                    and Mudgee Hampers

2:38pm:  Pick up at Baker Williams Distillery

2:45pm:  Drop to Three Tails Brewery

3:45pm:  Pick up at Three Tails Brewery and                   drop to accommodation with                          purchases