Frequently asked questions

Things you need to know

How long can I stay at each stop?

The Hopper is on a one hour loop, which means it will pick up and drop off each hour to each location. You can stay for an hour or as many hours as you choose, it is up to you. The Hopper will leave each location at the set time, so make sure you are waiting in the set down location when it stops by.

Do I need to book in lunch?

Yes! We strongly suggest that you book your lunch time slot in prior to arriving in Mudgee. The wineries are very busy on Saturdays and a reservation will be required.

Do I need to book in tastings?

YES!!!! Please make sure your day is fully booked in at the venues prior to your tour. Due to social distancing restrictions all the venues must be booked prior. We accept no responsibility if you can not get into the venue for a tasting.

Do I need to wear special footwear?

At some of the stops there will be walking required if you wish to visit all of the venues in that hop. We suggest you wear good walking shoes, and bring a hat and sunscreen. We supply water on board.

Where do I store what I buy on the route?

We supply an esky on board the Hopper and place your name on all items placed in it. We also write your name on bags and boxes of wine/spirits/beer. At the end of the day when we drop you back to your accommodation, it is easy to identify which produce is yours.

Where do I get on the bus?

You need to meet the bus at any of the venues on the Route. At the end of the day we will take you back to your accommodation with your purchases as long as it is within a 5 kilometre radius of the Route.

Can I bring children on the Mudgee Hopper?

Our buses have seatbelts, and children over the age of 8 years can wear these. We don't cater for children under the age of 8. Prices for children are the same as an adult.

What happens if I don't book venues before my tour?

It is up to you to book in the venues you wish to visit. If you don't book we can't guarantee the venue will let you in. Just follow the timetable where the times are listed with the venue to make your bookings.

What order do I book in the venues?

Book your tour in the order of the timetable as this will minimise your time on the bus and maximise your time at the venue. Eg, Stop 2, stop 4, stop 5, stop 7, stop 8. Not stop 8, then stop 2, stop 4 then stop 3 or 9.